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Boosting Asset Uptime: How Container Terminals Harness I-Spect for Enhanced Efficiency

The Challenge

In container terminals, assets are a critical component in the logistics chain. This includes Ship-To-Shore cranes (STS), straddle carriers, Automated Vehicle Gantries (AVG), Rubber Tyred Container Gantry (RTG), Rail Mounted Gantry (RMG), and more. The integrity of these assets must be inspected at regular intervals to prevent unplanned downtime which is catastrophic for delays, operations losses and penalties.


The Solution

By utilizing smart technologies like drones, robots, and platform technology, inspection data can be rendered more actionable and useful within I-Spect. Once the asset structure is established in the platform, inspections can be conducted in a structured, efficient, and digitalized manner. The I-Spect team will handle the setup for container terminal assets in the platform, enabling asset owners to directly utilize the application.

The technology

I-Spect is the top notch smart asset inspection platform for the container terminal industry. In I-Spect asset owners are able to centralize, process and visualize their inspections in a efficient and structured manner.  

How it works:

  1. Automate & Connect: all relevant data sources are connected to I-Spect. For drone inspection data we have developed a drone transfer portal to easy upload and allocate inspection data in the I-Spect platform. For manual operator rounds I-Spect offers a tablet application.

  2. Analyze anomalies: the AI generated defect detection and trend analysis will help to define critical degradation points and define defect evolutions.

  3. Visualize priorities: 3D assets models and digital reports will visualize where to focus for maintenance and repairs.

  4. Take decisive actions: better insights are supportive for decision making regarding to preventive maintenance. API connections with asset management platforms can be set up in collaboration with the customer.


The projects

At Q-Terminals Kramer and RWG in the Port of Rotterdam I-Spect is used for Ship-to-Shore crane inspections. Further inquiries about uses cases can be requested.


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